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About  The Photo Guy:

The Photo Guy specializes in preserving your special moments. Our location style of photography has taken us to many places. So bring us to your party, invite us to your reception or Graduation. Where ever your special occasion is, The Photo Guy can help.  The Photo Guy has been " Making Memories on Location " since 2014. We serve the DFW area, but have been known to travel.  So, what excites you, what is your favorite thing?

About Greg Moore:

 My name is Greg Moore. I am The Photo Guy. I have been in and around photography  since, well lets say my first camera shot film and it was shaped like a box. For 10 plus years, I was the official "Team Photographer" for every dance competition , cross country race, half time routine and Award Show my two girls participated in through High School.  So if you like the galleries on my website, contact The Photo Guy for a consultation.  

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